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Blog Comments

How many people that comment on blogs are actually doing it because they have genuinely enjoyed the post?

In the last few days, my blog has been spammed by what I suspect is one photographer trying to get business through pointless comments on this blog!!!!!
Now don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to work with other businesses to do promotion, after all we all want to increase our potential clients. What gets me is the shear audacity of them posting comment after comment that doesn't even relate to what the blog post is about.


I absolutely love this time of year... I start every year wondering what the cakey world will bring and so far for 2013 I have 21 wedding cakes booked, completed 3 birthday cakes, have classes ready to teach and loads of enquiries from the gorgeous clients I hope to soon make happy!

The year itself is always quite tricky... working full time with a fabulous bunch of 6 and 7 year olds has it's challenges, especially for those that need so much more from a teacher than just education; but my other passion has to be the creation of stunning centrepieces that make people smile.

Taking a break!!

Taking a break!!!

I've decided with the run up to Christmas, to take a bit of a break from the cake selling world and renew my love for baking by trying a multitude of new and well-loved recipes!

It's true of a lot of bakers and cakers, that you have soooo many baking books... it's certainly true for me!

This is just a small selection!!!

Imay be strange but do enjoy reading through these... just the thought of baking certain desserts and cakes is easier than having to make them, especially when I'm so busy!

Peanut Butter Experiments

This week has seen some experiments using peanut butter!
There's so many different ways to enjoy peanut butter but I've now discovered a new angle! Although there are cupcake makers that bring you these flavours, it was never anything I'd have thought to be good with cake. Anyway, a suggestion from one of my Facebook likers saw me giving it a go.

Unfortunatley I didn't take pics, but they were made very roughly, and tasted by the biggest fan of cake... ME!

Well the American candy treat, Reece's, was the basic idea for flavour number one.

Design Inspiration

I'm in the process of designing new cake designs for a fabulous photoshoot I'm trying to plan for later in the year... only problem is there are just sooo many different design influences out there! Many cake designers use loads of sugar roses, and I have to say many of next year's cakes have sugar roses on them; however there are so many other flowers that can grace the side of your cake too... like magnolias, hydrangeas, lilies and peonies, as well as so many more.

I found this beautiful website whilst browsing

Higgins the Butler

It's been a hectic week with more wedding consultations booked for dates in 2012 and 2013!

Alongside that I have been fortunate enough to take a class with the fabulous Kaysie Lackey of The People's Cake, Seattle. She has travelled over to the UK to do a number of different courses from designs she has created, and is now becoming renown for.

Held at Exotic Fantastic Cakes in Chigwell, Kaysie taught a class of twelve students in the gravity defying cake that is her 'boyfriend' Higgins the butler.

Website Update

Check out the new website layout... let me know what you think!
Thanks guys x

Cake and Cupcake Decorating Courses

This week I'm making arrangements for courses for 2012...

Watch this space for...

                 Couture Celebration Cake

                 Vintage Two Tier Wedding Cake

                 Vintage Cupcakes

                 Novelty Cupcakes

Wedding Consultations

This weekend I have mostly been doing wedding cake consultations.

It's always great to design something that will be so very special to couples on their big day. Each consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes, and gives you a chance to try some our cakes, talk about your wedding and design something that is completely bespoke for you.

When coming along for a consultation it's extremely important to have information relating to your venue, flowers, colour scheme and even your wedding dress. All of these things can then be incorporated into your design making all the details 'marry' together.

New Year Baking

Blimey, don't blog for months then two blogs on the same day!!! Here's my new year's resolution... to blog more and update the website at least twice a month!!! (Hopefully I can keep to that!!)

Here are the pics of my new year's day baking exploits...

Super chocolatey chocolate cake with caramel buttercream.

I know the presentation isn't much, but it is just for me!!

And there are triple chocolate brownies... the choc chips didn't exactly work, they sank :(

So all there is left to say is....

Happy New Year!
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