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Wedding Cupcakes & Cake

This has been an absolutely manic weekend with tonnes of cakes and cupcakes!!! Still trying to say 'no' but I always give in.

One of the best wedding cake set-ups was atWentbridge House Hoteltoday.

A table with a fabulouscentrepiece wedding cake, with cascading roses and hydrangeas; and a selection of cupcakes. What made the cupcakes special, was that they were set up on cake stands around the side of the main cake.

The cake itself was three tiers of Belgain chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache buttercream.

Peanut Butter Experiments

This week has seen some experiments using peanut butter!
There's so many different ways to enjoy peanut butter but I've now discovered a new angle! Although there are cupcake makers that bring you these flavours, it was never anything I'd have thought to be good with cake. Anyway, a suggestion from one of my Facebook likers saw me giving it a go.

Unfortunatley I didn't take pics, but they were made very roughly, and tasted by the biggest fan of cake... ME!

Well the American candy treat, Reece's, was the basic idea for flavour number one.

Fantastic Wedding Details

Yesterday I delivered a summer garden wonky wedding cake for the wedding of Sarah and Martin Hughes. The room looked fantastic before we set up the main cake and the table centrepieces. It had a fuchsia colour scheme with the summer flowers twist.
Showing the room from behind the cake... fuchsia sashes on the chair covers and the three tier cake stands with our delicious cupcakes!
Each cake stand had a selection of cupcakes chosen by each guest prior to the day for their wedding breakfast dessert.

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcakes are very much a popular choice for celebrations of all kinds. They can be versatile in creating dramatic centrepieces for a huge event or just sweet on a three tier cake stand. Whatever you might want cupcakes for why not come along and learn how they are created?
There is still a place on this Saturday's Vintage Cupcake Decorating course. To find out more call 07814 425060.
Jayne x

Cake Decorating Classes

New dates have now been added to the website for cupcake decorating classes!

Come along to ourVintage Inspiredclass onSaturday 16th July, 10am till 4pm.
You will learn the skills to bake and decorate a dozen cupcakes with a variety of vintage designs perfect for gifts and little treats for all.

Or why not try ourFloral Inspiredclass onTuesday 2nd August, 10am till 4pm.
Again I will share with you the secrets to making perfect sized cupccakes with floral decorations.

Finally, ourWedding Theme

Cake Pops & Truffles!

There's been some hype about cake pops and truffles recently! I have tried making them but they can be quite time consuming to make!!! 

Basically the idea behind them is easy to eat cake in a different way... take a look at some of the fantastic things other cake makers have done with them.
These cute Hello Kitty cake pops by Scrumptious Buns are absolutely fab for a kids party. They can be eaten as part of the party food or, if wrapped in a cellophane bag, can be party favours!

There are so many versatile ways of using these for parties, weddings or just enjoyed as a snack or dessert.

Vintage Cupcake Decorating Class

The next cupcake decorating class is going to be held on Saturday 18th June from 10am until 4pm. The focus for the day is vintage inspired design cupcakes. You will be shown how to decorate a dozen cupcakes using pearl balls, fancy flowers, cameos and many more delicate decorations. Show off your creations to family and friends as well as enjoying delicious cupcakes. Classes are for a maximum of 4 students.
This class will show you how to bake, create and decorate a dozen cupcakes in a vintage style.

Cake Pops

Today I'm making cake pops...
They are delicious cake balls covered with delicious chocolate and decorated in a wide range of styles. These will be my first attempt but so far I'm pleased with them... we'll see how the chocolate covering will go!!!
If you want to know more about cake pops try Bakerella, who has written a fabulous book showing you what can be done to decorate cake pops.

New Photos

Last week was a cupcake-tastic week, with lots of designer cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Take a look at the cupcake gallery here to see some exciting new designs.
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