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To colour or not to colour?!!!

It seems there are lots of wedding cakes out there that are beautiful shades of colour. They range from the palest of pastels to the brightest of reds, and every colour inbetween!

But the question has to be, does anyone actually order a coloured wedding cake in the UK?

I've been looking through some absolutely gorgeous designs that are various shades of colour and fell in love with one particularly stunning red cake by the fabulous Rick Reichart... unfortunately I can't get the image to upload it here, such a shame, as it's lovely :0(

So I had a search around for other cakes that were red...

This is a similar style to Rick's in that it is red with white flowers! The contrast of the colours are beautiful, and normally it would be a white or ivory cake with the red flowers here in the UK... but why not this way round?

Also I decided to have a look at designs that are my other favourite colour, purple, to see what was about in that...
Again, it was white or ivory and purple flowers or ribbons, but this one caught my eye...

Not all purple, but with the two tiers it's individual enough and has a really elegant look with the purple scroll work on the white tiers. Really elegant.

Still planning my new designs, but colour is going to play a big role for some I feel!

J x

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