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Dessert Tables

It's been a while since I posted on my blog... sorry to my lovely readers!

It's all about dessert tables...

These are fast becoming the luxury wedding cake centrepiece, designed to suit your style and theme.

With a tiered centrepiece wedding cake, designed with tumbling roses, lace and a beautiful cameo brooch. Around the table are delicate china cups, tiered stands and a tall glass cloche stand. Each cupcake has a vintage theme with shimmering pearl beads, mini roses, blossoms and hydrangeas.

Black Forest Roulade

Something a little different!

This week I was asked if I could make a fressh cream chocolate roulade. Not being one to shun a challenge I decided to give it a go!

Obviously to add a new product to the menu we have to try it out and, the best bit, taste test :)

Whenever I'm trying out a new recipe I search through the mountain of books that litter my shelves to find the one which looks easy but delicious. Mary Berry is one of my faves so naturally I headed for her baking bible.
This is the recipe I used.

Blog Comments

How many people that comment on blogs are actually doing it because they have genuinely enjoyed the post?

In the last few days, my blog has been spammed by what I suspect is one photographer trying to get business through pointless comments on this blog!!!!!
Now don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to work with other businesses to do promotion, after all we all want to increase our potential clients. What gets me is the shear audacity of them posting comment after comment that doesn't even relate to what the blog post is about.

Characters of fun!

In recent days and weeks I've had the pleasure of making some fab characters for cakes!

There's Edward Scissorhands...
I luuurrrve him!
He was stood on an 8" cake, which gives you a sense of his size!
All in sugar, he has real scissor hands, which was kind of scary to make... could easily have broken them.

Then there is The Script...
These were for a 14 year old girl who came for cupcake decorating with her friends.
I was so nervous about handing this over... but Rachel's reaction when she saw it was fabulous!

Handbags at dawn!

A fabulous cake design that I've had the pleasure of creating again this week is the humble handbag!

Completely edible cake and decorations, this handbag is stunning.
This one feeds approximately 20 portions.

Or a larger version that feeds approximately 35 - 40 portions.

Or as a personalised handbag... again for the larger version!

Would like to make this in a different colour one day though... maybe purple!


I absolutely love this time of year... I start every year wondering what the cakey world will bring and so far for 2013 I have 21 wedding cakes booked, completed 3 birthday cakes, have classes ready to teach and loads of enquiries from the gorgeous clients I hope to soon make happy!

The year itself is always quite tricky... working full time with a fabulous bunch of 6 and 7 year olds has it's challenges, especially for those that need so much more from a teacher than just education; but my other passion has to be the creation of stunning centrepieces that make people smile.

Christmas Cakes

This year there were many Christmas cakes with various designs... but because they were picked up so close to Christmas I never managed to post the pics!!! So into 2013 and here are our Christmas cakes from 2012!?!

This has got to be my absolute favourite... handpainted from a design on a Christmas card.
Requested by a client, this design is festive, fun and definitely a stunner.
Each detail was hand painted with shading and accent to create a beautiful Christmas cake.

This was my Christmas cake... very last minute after everyone else was done, always the case!

Christmas Goodies!

Christmas is just around the corner and there's so much to prepare. The massive list of food that is always made at this time is just amazing... it's one day, but boy do we put away soooo much food!!!

The list is enormous, not only for the massive main Christmas dinner but the Christmas tea too! As usual there's the Christmas cake and as I have free reign on all the family cakes I like to mix it up.

Check out previous Christmas cakes here...

Cute little polar bears

Fabulous sugar characters around the Christmas tree


Gingerbread has got to be one of my all time favourites. I love it as cookies, biscuits and even in my latte! So with the festive season in swing I know it's time to try something different. I've seen the American craze of making gingerbread houses in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and wow they look fantastic!

But for my first attempt I thought I'd use a great cutter kit from Lakeland. I have a great gingerbread recipe so I used this and then used the cutters to create the different panels ready for the house.

Taking a break!!

Taking a break!!!

I've decided with the run up to Christmas, to take a bit of a break from the cake selling world and renew my love for baking by trying a multitude of new and well-loved recipes!

It's true of a lot of bakers and cakers, that you have soooo many baking books... it's certainly true for me!

This is just a small selection!!!

Imay be strange but do enjoy reading through these... just the thought of baking certain desserts and cakes is easier than having to make them, especially when I'm so busy!
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